Lonnie Borgstrøm

As a highly experienced coach and facilitator, Lonnie Borgstrøm trains people to develop their coaching skills and teams to work better together in a way that increases business performance.

Over the years she has supported a range of teams and individuals to believe in their own potential. She has been featured on television, magazines and newspapers in Denmark.

Lonnie has extensive experience in 1:1 coaching and was a pioneer in offering coach training programs in Denmark. She is very passionate about getting coaching out to a broader audience. Her training attracts professionals in business who can employ coaching skills in their daily work, as well as independent coaches who would benefit from a highly experienced mentor coach.

Lonnie Borgstrøm is a very enthusiastic trainer who custom-builds programs to improve team interaction at work, coaching skills, work/life balance and communication. In her team coaching work, she offers the DiSC profile as a tool for personal awareness. The result is to create clearer communication, more flexibility and a strong, motivated team.

Lonnie has done most of her own coach and trainers training in English and offers trainings as well as 1:1 coaching in both Danish and English.

Contact Lonnie Borgstrøm at +45 7020 4401 or mail to:lb@mindstretch.dk

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